Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Hotel

Our hotel was Caribbean Villas in Ambergris Caye, Belize. It is right smack-dab on the beach, and it has its own dock and boat landing. There are steps leading down into the water, and you can swim and snorkel right from the dock. There is an artificial reef among which lots and lots of fish and other critters hang out. The hotel sells fish food for $1BZ ($0.50 US), and Kathy delighted in giving her finny friends an occasional snack.

The tour boats also picked us up and dropped us off right at the Caribbean Villas dock, which was GREAT!

The hotel advertises that they are situated in a bird sanctuary (which is one of the reasons that we chose it), and they are right. There are paths winding throughout the property, with a kind of jungle canopy spreading overhead. And birds, birds, birds. They also have a tall tower with steps that you can climb, and when you get to the top you are above the tops of the trees. Again, the birds are everywhere. We saw a hawk stalking his lunch, birds bringing fish that they caught back to their homes, and everywhere small birds of every kind singing how happy they are to not be in Colorado.

All in all, we chose just the right hotel for our stay. They were very nice to us. Hilda (pronounced ill-duh) took care of our room and never complained about the sand we tracked in. She was very interesting to talk to.

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