Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snorkeling at the Reef

In 1842, Charles Darwin wrote that the Belize barrier reef was "The most remarkable reef in the West Indies."

iving off of the hotel dock was really fun (see photo), but we mostly wanted to get to the reef and see the life and colors of the coral.

We went on four snorkeling trips, and we used Ocean Adventures for all of them, and I must say that they really treated us right. I'm an on-line kind of guy, and they were the only tour operator that responded promptly to my e-mail messages in the weeks prior to our arrival, and they booked us on the snorkel trips we wanted and the Mayan Ruins tour without fuss on-line, all set up, before we even arrived. The other tour operators that I e-mailed either didn't respond, or they kind of said "...well, we're not sure if we are going to do that tour, so call us when you get to town..."

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