Saturday, February 17, 2007

Things to Pack

As is our wont, we over-packed. Here is all you need for a happy week on Ambergris Caye:
  • Swimsuit (wives brought two or three) and swimsuit cover-up wrapper or shirt
  • Two pairs of Shorts
  • Three short sleeved shirts
  • One nice Hawaiian shirt and lightweight long pants for the guys, and a lightweight skirt and blouse for the ladies for wearing to nice restaurants
  • Flippers, mask, and snorkel
  • Small bottle of Deet or Off mosquito repellent - we worried about Malaria and took Malaria pills before we came, but in talking to people, it is not really a problem.
  • Sunscreen - lots
  • Binoculars for bird watching
  • Camera
  • Good walking shoes and socks
  • Lots of small bills, ones and fives, along with your larger tens and twenties - food is really expensive; take whatever you are budgeting for food and double it or maybe triple it - that will be just about right.
  • Ask your hotel if they provide a hair dryer and shampoo in the room. Some do and some don't. Ours didn't, and Kathy was glad that we e-mailed the hotel to ask before we came so she could bring hers.
Even in the grocery store, food prices are breathtaking. Expect to spend a LOT on food. Really. This means you.

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